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Life is an adventure and should be celebrated as such! Every year, kids look forward to that birthday celebration where they’re the center of attention—and rightly so! They’ve conquered another year and are gearing up for all changes the next year has in store.

And what better way to make that special occasion more memorable than with a Birthday Quest party?

Birthday Quests are celebrations like none other. Kids are in the spotlight from the moment they walk in with all their friends. Their birthday announcement is blasted over the intercom, their name is written on the Birthday Board, and their birthday song is performed right up on the karaoke stage!

From start to finish, our Birthday Quest Captains ensure kids have the time of their lives and will create wonderful memories as they celebrate being one year older.

Birthday Quest all-inclusive packages provide:

  • Party Time: The birthday child enjoys their special day to the fullest! While getting their photos taken in their very own birthday chair, your child can have a wonderful time blowing out candles, opening gifts, enjoying the traditional birthday song, and more.
  • Play Time: It’s amazing how so much fun can be packed into a few hours. After all the refreshments and presents, your kid’s birthday party commands the Kids Quest arena, gaining unlimited access to all the games, activities, and tech toys that delight kids of all ages!
  • Birthday Treats: You can choose to bring in a special commercially-made cake, or Kids Quest will provide each guest with a special treat to enjoy—plus unlimited fountain drinks! Various snack and meal add-ons are available.
  • Special Activities: Design the party theme and activities around your child’s unique interests. Into sports? A bit of a diva? Love arts and crafts? A computer whiz? Birthday parties can focus on our performance stage, gym, craft center, or iPad® and Wii® stations! Party decorations and settings are included.
  • No Stress Setup and Teardown: Our friendly staff will gladly handle all elements of setup and cleanup, so you and your kid can simply enjoy the party without any worries!
  • Party Photos: During the entire party the Birthday Quest Captain will take a group shot of the party and candid photos of each of the kids.
  • Free Time for You: If you desire to utilize the facilities of our resort location, while the kids enjoy their play time, you may leave them past the 2-hour party time for a modest hourly rate.
  • Free Cyber Quest Club Card: Every child will receive a free $5 Cyber Quest Club Card they can use at our family-friendly, high-tech, non-violent arcade center! (At select Kids Quest locations.)

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Check your favorite Kids Quest center for birthday party pricing and packages.