About Cyber Quest

Prepare Yourselves for the Ultimate Arcade that is Cyber Quest!

“Cyber Quest, the Leader of Family-Friendly Arcades since 1996”

Cyber Quest is an arcade fit for a kid of any age! With cutting-edge, high-tech game centers, even the kid who thinks they’ve “played it all” will be dazzled and drawn in to this ultimate gaming center for hours on end! Adults will be just as impressed with the play-value that Cyber Quest offers!

The best part is, we’ve designed Cyber Quest as a nonviolent, family-friendly atmosphere, so even in the midst of fierce competition, kids are still learning values like teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play! Cyber Quest pioneered nonviolent, family friendly arcades nearly 20 years ago, as family values and building children’s self-esteem has always been our mission.

  • Win amazing prizes!
  • Shoot for the ultimate high scores!
  • Claim your place in the Cyber Quest Hall of Fame!

  • Cyber Quest is waiting for you!