The Kids Quest Captains Do the Work!

The excitement begins when you step into Kids Quest! Your Birthday Party Captain provides a special welcome in the lobby with a sign displaying the birthday child’s name and also helps collect the gifts to bring them into the center.

As your guests arrive, the kids will be checked in and receive security tags. The Birthday Party Captain will assist by collecting and storing the kids’ shoes and coats. When the whole party has gathered, everyone will be taken into the center.

Play Time: It’s amazing how so much fun can be packed into a few hours. After all the refreshments and presents, your child’s birthday party commands the Kids Quest center, gaining unlimited access for the remainder of the 2-hour period to all the activities and play events that delight kids of all ages. The Birthday Party Captain will, if the kids like, organize games, assist with arts and crafts projects, or simply help the kids enjoy the center.

Party Photos: The birthday child will be introduced to everyone in the center, the guests will gather on the Karaoke Star Stage to sing Happy Birthday, and group photos will be taken. Our team will customize the photo with a logo and email the final copy to an email address of your choosing.

At the End of the Party: When time is up, the Birthday Party Captain will gather the kids, check them out to the appropriate adult, assist with shoes and coats, bring the presents to the host parent, and wish the birthday boy or girl a big farewell Happy Birthday!

Additional Play Time: If the adults wish to enjoy the resort amenities for an extended period, you may extend the child’s stay. Simply advise the Birthday Party Captain during the greeting period and appropriate arrangements will be made. Additional time in the center will be charged at the hourly rates applicable to the center.