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Autumn Family Adventures

Autumn Family Adventures

I don’t know about you, but I love fall. It’s my favorite time of year. The temperatures are just about perfect, and the if you’re lucky enough to have the splendor of leaves changing colors, the backdrop for fun is spectacular. Here are some ideas for family outings and activities.

Explore a local orchard. Many apple orchards go all out planning for family activities and offer apple picking, autumn crafts, live music, and delicious apple treats, like pie, crisps, cookies and cider.

Bake, baby bake! You simply can’t visit an orchard and walk away empty-handed. Take that bag of fresh, juicy apples and bake a pie or apple crisp with the kids. Let the kids wash the apples, and then have them measure ingredients while you peel and slice the apples.

Try a fall scavenger hunt. Divide the family into teams and then create a list of items that need to be found, like an oak leaf, an acorn, a feather, etc. Award prizes!

Fall Leaves

Take a plunge into fun. As the leaves fall from the trees, make yard clean-up fun. Have the kids rake up a big pile and let the kids take turns jumping in!

Host a bonfire. Fire pits are a favorite at cabins and in backyards. Why not invite a few friends and neighbors over for a fire and stock up on supplies for S’mores. (Check out our family KQ FunSpot from XX for some yummy options on this campfire treat) As always, review fire safety with the kids, and make sure that your fire is completely extinguished when the fun is over.

Make some hay. There are farms that offer autumn hayrides for visitors. It’s super fun to jump into the hay and get comfortable for a tour of the countryside. Of course, this one is not a good idea if anyone in your family suffers from seasonal allergies.


Talk to the animals. While you’re on the farm for a hayride, ask to visit the animals that live there. Cows, horses, pigs, goats, and chicken can be very charming, and a lot of fun for the kids to experience up close.

Take flight. What could be more wonderful than a view from the top? A hot air balloon ride will provide a magical memory for the entire family. This activity, while special is an investment, so be sure to check out deals through Groupon and other discounted experience

Capture the color. Kids love to take photos–a fall photo contest would be great fun for them! Create categories—trees, pets, activities and see what they come up with. Most kids have access to cell phones that will take photos, if not you might have to share! Digital photo processers like Shutterfly are a great source if you would like to use their work to make a book, calendar or set of prints with the images.

Plant for spring. Flowering bulbs like tulips and daffodils need to go into the ground in the fall. Have the kids pick out what they would like to reappear in the spring, and then roll up your sleeves and get digging.

Cabin in the Fall

Rent a cabin. Nature is at its finest in the fall. Book a weekend in the country or at the lake and take in the beauty with hikes, boating and campfire conversation.

Cheer for the home team. Attend a local high school football game. Admission is affordable, and the fun is undeniable under the Friday night sky. Plus, the sense of community is unmistakably strong—always a good thing for the kids to see in action.

We hope your home team enjoys this season. Please share your photos with us if you give any of these activities a try, we’d love to see them!