Make Your Party Special

Interested in booking a party? - Find the Kids Quest location of your choice to learn more about party packages, including pricing and hours.

Design the party theme and activities around your child’s unique interests. Into sports? A bit of a diva? Love arts and crafts? A computer whiz? Birthday parties can focus on our performance stage, gym, craft center, or iPad® and Wii® stations! Party decorations and settings are included.

You can choose to bring in a special commercially-made cake, or Kids Quest will provide each guest with a special treat to enjoy—plus fountain drinks! Various snack and meal add-ons are available.

Birthday Cake and Gift Opening: Cake, refreshments, other goodies, and the present opening can occur any time during the first hour of the birthday party.

When to Arrive:Please arrive 20 to 30 minutes before the reserved party time.

Guest Register: The adults entering the center to attend the party will be asked to sign the guest register.

Socks Required: Socks are required to play at Kids Quest because we have a shoe-free environment. Socks are available for purchase at the center.

Party Photos: The birthday child will be introduced to everyone in the center including your special Birthday Party Captain! During the celebration in the party area our Birthday Party Captain will organize a group photo to create a lasting memory of the party. Our team will customize the photo with a logo and email the final copy to an email address of your choosing.

Party Time: Your birthday child will enjoy a wonderful time blowing out candles, opening gifts, and enjoying birthday treats.

Play Time: It’s amazing how so much fun can be packed into a few hours. After all the refreshments and presents, your child’s birthday party commands the Kids Quest center, gaining unlimited access for the remainder of the 2-hour period to all the activities and play events that delight kids of all ages. The Birthday Party Captain will, if the kids like, organize games, assist with arts and crafts projects, or simply help the kids enjoy the center.

At the End of the Party: When time is up, the Birthday Party Captain will gather the kids, check them out to the appropriate adult, assist with shoes and coats, bring the presents to the host parent, and wish the birthday boy or girl a big farewell Happy Birthday!

No Stress Setup and Teardown: Our friendly staff will gladly handle all elements of setup and cleanup, so you and your kid can simply enjoy the party without any worries!

Tell Us What You Think: The host parent will receive a survey to complete and return to let us know if the kids had a terrific time and how we might be able to make your next party even more successful!