Load, Play and Save

At Cyber Quest locations featuring the Club Card, guests simply load their card with game play credits. Credits can be purchased at a self-service kiosk, or directly from a team member at the Prize Zone.  A one-time, $1.00 card activation fee will apply to new club card purchases. And because tickets won from game play never expire. You can save what you’ve won for the prize you desire on your next or future visit. The more you save, the bigger prize you can win!

Register Your Club Rewards Card 

Never worry about losing your game play or tickets won. Once registered, Cyber Quest maintains your balance for you. Small fees apply for club card replacement.

Exciting Rewards and Perks Await!

Do you want special access to the latest games, deals, and promotions Cyber Quest has to offer? It’s easy – become a Hall of Fame member today! Members get exclusive access, extra reward bonuses, free prize zone tickets, Daily Quest Bonus specials, and so much more. Click here to learn more about our Hall of Fame Club levels and benefits.