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Adults Love Arcades

“We are designed to be lifelong players, built to benefit from play at any age.”
Stuart Brown, MD

Okay, I’ll admit it. If you start me playing Skee Ball, I will attack the game like a large pizza on a Friday night. (Actually, I will attack a pizza of any size, at any time. I don’t discriminate) I enjoy the simple strategy, and the little rush I feel when I roll the perfect toss and earn 50 points.

My point here is that grownups, even the over 50 variety, like to play.

Playing games provides an escape from reality, and in some cases a trip back in time, free of responsibilities and adulting. When you’re playing Fruit Ninja you can slice your way through the game and forget the mortgage, car insurance, your desk at work, and the parent-teacher conference on the calendar next week.  It’s just you and the fruit…facing off in a juicy battle.

Another reason you see the return of arcade games to adult recreation is nostalgia.

Pac-man and Mario are attracting gamers of all ages, but particularly adults, largely driven by a welcome diversion to childhood fun. The old school games offer “memory lane” appeal, but also a mindless escape. Even with some slight updates, the object of these games is simple and usually free of the complexity we see in new-concept entertainment. With the advent of sophisticated graphics, virtual reality, and advanced technology, some of the carefree fun factor is lost in new games. With old-school games, there is a confidence in knowing how to play, and more importantly, how to win.

If you’re an adult out there who wants to play, Cyber Quest was created for you. We have great games, old and new—and you’re always welcome to be a kid again in our neighborhood! We won’t judge—just like I hope you won’t judge my obsession with pizza.