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Arcade Fun for All Ages

We're on a Mission for You

Not long ago we featured a blog about all the developmental benefits of arcade play. We shared the positives of developing eye-hand coordination, fine and large motor skills, critical thinking, and social savvy—all very good things.

Now think about how adults, particularly seniors, need to maintain those very skills as they age. Engaging older adults is every bit as important as engaging young children, which is why the concept of intergenerational care is popular; facilities that provide programs for elders and children under the same roof–one generation inspiring the other. These programs are particularly successful given that many grandparents do not live within a reasonable proximity to their own grandchildren.

How does this pertain to Cyber Quest? Well, a family-friendly arcade is the perfect place to bring grandparents and grandchildren together for play time and critical bonding. Exploring an arcade, like Cyber Quest, not only creates great memories but also provides shared experiences that enrich the lives of both generations.

Seniors should be considered active nurturers, positive role models and influencers, as well as resources for cultural heritage and family history. Cyber Quest supports the priceless connection between children and their grandparents. Self-esteem is nurtured when a grandparent is in the arcade, cheering a child on or asking “for help” when it comes time to play a game. Verbal skill development spikes when conversation between seniors and their young playmates takes place as they make their way from game to game. Trust me, the excitement between the grandparent and child is infectious.

So, the next time include grandma and grandpa when you’re planning a wonderful family activity. Simply make a date to play at Cyber Quest, load up a few cards and enjoy! We’ll be waiting with the fun!