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News & Events

Art-O-Rama at Kids Quest

Art-O-Rama at Kids Quest

Let’s get Crafty! Take a deep dive into design throughout August! We’ll be breaking out the paper, paint, and pom-poms and sharing scissors to craft some awesome artwork.  We’re hoping we’ll have a great gallery of projects to share on social media and to display in our centers. All along the way, we’ll perfect the fine art of fun with games and activities that inspire our creative side.

Activities and times vary by location. Please call the center directly for more information.

For specific center location event details, visit facebook.com/KidsQuestInc/locations/ 

For more information on your nearest location and pricing, visit kidsquest.com/locations/ 

This event is included in the price of our hourly child care rate unless otherwise stated. As we are a drop-off, hourly child care center, no adults or parents will be admitted into this event. We operate on a first-come-first-serve basis and do not offer advanced tickets or reservations.