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News & Events

Bat Blitz at Kids Quest and Cyber Quest

Bat Blitz at Kids Quest and Cyber Quest

Keep your eyes peeled for some bashful bats that are hidden all around Kids Quest and/or Cyber Quest. Find all 10 and you’ll get a FREE spin on the Cyber Quest Prize Wheel (where applicable) and be entered for a chance to win a Spooky Sack of treats!

Raffle Details

Guests who find all 10 hidden bats at Kids Quest and/or Cyber Quest will receive a raffle entry for our Spooky Sack raffle (excludes Cyber Quest at Boulder Station and Cyber Quest at Santa Fe Station).

Additionally, Guests who find all 10 hidden bats at dual Kids Quest and Cyber Quest locations (excludes Kids Quest at Avi and Kids Quest at Cliff Castle) will receive a spin on the Cyber Quest Prize Wheel.


Bat Blitz Spooky Sack

Grand Prize (1 per each Kids Quest or Cyber Quest center location): Spooky Sack

  • Ghost Halloween Darts Game
  • 12” Pumpkin Light-Up Bubble Blower
  • 8” Plush Long Arm Halloween Character
  • Light Up Skull Necklace 25”
  • 2” Halloween Rubber Duck
  • 2” Glow In The Dark Fangs
  • Halloween Tote Bag
  • Ring Pop
  • Sour Slime Candy
  • Warheads Lil Worms

Drawing will be held on November 1, 2023.

*Guests who find all of the bats will win a spin on the prize wheel and earn a raffle ticket to be entered to win our Bats Blitz. Kids Quest guests will receive a stamp on their receipt to then bring over to Cyber Quest for their spin on the Prize Wheel (excludes Kids Quest only locations). Kids Quest guests will need to be checked in to the facility. No purchase is needed to participate at Cyber Quest. Guests may complete the hunt one time per day (per business). Prize is per center.

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| 10.28.2023 at 4:50am
Pretty kool!