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News & Events

Boo Bag Raffle at Kids Quest and Cyber Quest

Boo Bag Raffle

Kids Quest

Receive an entry into the Boo Bag Raffle upon check out at Kids Quest. Loyalty Rewards members receive an additional entry upon check out at Kids Quest.

Cyber Quest

Receive an entry with each Daily Quest Bonus purchase of $25 or more at Cyber Quest. All-Star, MVP and Legend cardholders will receive an additional entry when a Daily Quest Bonus of $25 or more is purchased, for a total of 2 entries.

Boo Bags Include:

A Halloween Tote

Giant Black Cat Squish

Ghost Plush

Kids Quest/Cyber Quest Reusable Bottle

Assortment of Candy

Assortment of Halloween Themed Prizes

$15 Cyber Quest Club Card or Kids Quest Gift Card*

*Club Card or Gift Card is dependent on center location.