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News & Events

A Tween Halloween Plan!

One of the trickiest transitions for kids is the time between what is considered an acceptable age for trick-or-treating and being too old for the tradition of going door to door in search of candy. I have witnessed teenagers at my door that were easily a head taller than myself (I’m 5’9”) and then wondered, “Um, aren’t you a little too old for this?” I like a peanut butter cup or Kit Kat as much as the next person, but there does come a time when dodging little kids in tutus and super hero costumes is a hassle, even for the hungriest teenager.

Many tweens to teens attend parties instead of trick-or-treating, and that seems to be a good solution, but what if there is no party on the calendar? Halloween is second only to Christmas in terms of popularity—you can’t just let it pass without some celebration, right? What do you do if you’ve got a great costume and you’re all dressed up with no place to go?

Enter Cyber Quest!

At Cyber Quest we have a policy of allowing those of over the age of 13 to play on their own, without a parent or guardian. What better way to enjoy some Halloween fun than to go to Cyber Quest in costume and challenge your friends to play your favorite arcade games? Most CQ arcades even run tournaments to get some competition going between players—and there are prizes too!

Check your favorite Cyber Quest location for activities and tournaments this October, you’ll be glad you did! Oh, and Happy Halloween!