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Cyber Quest Rewards Your Child for Good Grades

Rewards for Good Grades

Hard work at school gets you rewarded at Cyber Quest! Cyber Quest rewards up to five letter grades.

A = 100 credits

B = 50 credits

C = 25 credits

5 A’s = 500 bonus credits!

Bring in your current report card to receive up to 1,000 FREE game credits!

Note: Additional rules apply. Limit one redemption per semester (max four times per year). Proper electronic copy accepted. Club Card must be registered at the time of redemption. Report Card must be redeemed within 45 days of term ending date. Report cards only; progress reports and/or other mid-term status reports not valid.

View or print Good Grade Flyer

Kids Quest | 11.17.2023 at 9:40am
Yes, all of our locations should be participating in this. The report cards should be shown at the end of the semester to be eligible for the bonus credits.
| 11.10.2023 at 7:13pm
Are you still doing it? I was told at Bethlehem one no or not yet.
| 09.20.2023 at 2:56pm
Are homeschool report cards accepted?
Kids Quest | 11.24.2021 at 1:49pm
Our staff will be able to accommodate for the variation in the grading scale!
| 11.18.2021 at 2:39pm
What if your grade school does number grades. 4=A, 3=B, 2=C.
Kids Quest | 06.05.2020 at 9:15am
Please get in touch with us regarding your Cyber Quest Club Card - <a href="https://www.kidsquest.com/contact/" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">kidsquest.com/contact/</a>
| 05.31.2020 at 9:38pm
I could not use my card for any reason whatsoever