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Hacks for the Holidays #3

holiday hack 3

The Cling Wrap Ball Challenge!

What do you do to keep the kids busy at a holiday party? This activity is guaranteed to do the trick, and this isn’t a budget-buster. You’ll find everything you need at the grocery and dollar stores.

Wrap all the good stuff up tight and watch the fun begin! This is a great party or holiday event activity for all ages! Simply roll out some plastic cling wrap and place an item at the core of the “ball” you are going to make. You then “roll and wrap” in a variety of things from small toys, to candy, gift cards and silly trinkets into a large plastic wrap ball. The best treats are usually found at your local dollar store—so you won’t spend a bunch of money for a bunch of fun! The object of the challenge is to give each partygoer 10 seconds to try and pull a layer from the tightly wrapped ball. As the ball comes apart, prizes that come loose go to the person who was able to free them from the wrapping. For an extra challenge—have the contestants wear oven mitts to make the dismantling harder!