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News & Events

NB3 Fit Week 2017!

NB3 Fit Week 2017

NB3 Fit Week at Kids Quest! November 5-11

The subject of juvenile diabetes is a very personal one for us at Kids Quest. In fact, 3 members of our corporate team deal with the disease every day with a total of 4 children in their lives diagnosed with type 1 juvenile diabetes. They have learned to accept the necessary state of hyper-vigilance–monitoring their children carefully regarding food choices to keep them on-track for healthy lives. So, when the opportunity to participate in the NB3 Fit week came along it was a simple decision to support the initiatives outlined by the foundation.

Join Us!
Please bring your children in for NB3 Fit Week activities at Kids Quest. We are preparing games that will keep the kids happy, fit, physically active! Center activities will vary by location, so please check with your favorite Kids Quest for details. There is no additional fee to be a part of this event—we just want to have a nice big group for play!

About the Event
NB3 Fit Week was founded by pro-golfer and NBC/Golf Channel commentator, Notah Begay III—who is also Native American. Notah Begay’s NB3 Foundation  was created to challenge children to stay active and to make healthy food choices. Childhood obesity and diabetes is a very real problem in Indian Country. This was the impetus behind the NB3 Foundation program, which was designed to begin teaching children at a young age what they can do to avoid the health issues associated with poor eating and exercise habits. Because childhood obesity is a problem nationwide—we felt that our support and participation at Kids Quest would be a great fit to help the NB3 Foundation being to realize their goals.

“It is up to us to ensure that our children grow up grow up at a healthy weight, eat right, and stay active. Unfortunately, our children are facing an epidemic of obesity resulting in shortened, unfulfilled lives fighting health problems, such as type 2 diabetes and other major diseases—the good news is we can prevent this!”—-NB3 Foundation