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News & Events

Mastering Movie Night

Movie night is a favorite activity in most households. It’s great group fun as we begin to gather family and friends for Thanksgiving events. Here are a few ideas to make the event a success and fun for the entire group!

  • Be mindful of the ages of people represented—if you have little ones to consider the rating of the film and make sure it is appropriate for all.
  • Load up the snacks and place them in a central location—like a coffee table or adjacent counter top for easy access.
  • You can’t please all the people all of the time, but if you want to limit the snack options—make a large batch of Chex mix or trail mix that combines sweet and salty favorites like pretzels, M&Ms, popcorn, caramel corn, cheese crackers, gummies, etc.
  • Designate one person as the keeper of the remote. They can adjust the volume up or down, as well as start and stop the movie if requested.
  • Document the fun! Take photos to commemorate the night—your social media friends are waiting to hear your reviews and see the fun!

Until next month,