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News & Events

Party Problems Solved!

Not long ago, a friend was looking for a place to take her tween-aged son and his friends for a birthday celebration.  My first thought was suggesting Cyber Quest–which of course I did.  When I gave her the lowdown on CQ as a party venue, and how the decision was a no brainer.

Cyber Quest is a perfect place to hold any special event! We can host a corporate bonding outing, whoop it up with a 9-year-old’s party posse’, follow it up with a sweet 16 celebration, entertain members of a family reunion, and then close out the day by holding an over-the hill celebration for a 55-year-old. Fun is fun—no matter the occasion! Best of all, our teammates enjoy the energy of groups. Having Cyber Quest filled with smiling and laughing guests is always our goal, with the arcade riffs, bloopy noises, and colorful lights setting the scene.

But what about small groups…really small groups? We’ve got those covered too. Be creative and bring a date to Cyber Quest for some “kid-again” play. You could impress your date by winning a prize on the midway at a summer carnival or state fair, but with Cyber Quest, open for play 365 days a year, you can win something silly or straight-up impressive—anytime! In addition, having a casino filled with multiple restaurant choices, bars and live music just steps away promises a full night of fun ahead once you’re all swiped out!

When you’re putting together an event of any kind, be sure to remember us. We’ve got it handled at Cyber Quest! Book today at www.kidsquest.com/parties