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News & Events

The Big Power of Little “C”


“A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men!” Roald Dahl

How many times have you heard the comment, “Oh, I’m not very creative!” Creativity is usually associated with advanced artistic talent, sometimes called “Big C,” which produces amazing works of art. But creativity is so much more than that! At Kids Quest, teammates cultivate “Little C,” defined as playful thought and kid-friendly storylines spun free of logic—a tried and true method for creating fun-filled experiences for children.

At Kids Quest, Little C is mastering the art of make believe and encouraging creative thoughts and ideas in a space jammed with cool kid-stuff. The KQ mission is to ensure that every engagement with our guests is inspired by possibility, creativity, and well—nonsense!

Kids Quest teammates have full permission to be silly, and kids respond to it!

Kids are programmed by nature to be inquisitive, free-thinking and likely to explore new environments. But it’s especially meaningful when they have an adult to share the experience. An adult who does not correct or squelch their thoughts is a magical companion. Painting a hot pink dinosaur in the art area? We praise it! “Cooking” in the play kitchen while wearing a super hero costume? Perfect!

Inside Kids Quest children are free to make their own choices, and have fun in their own way–with our blessing. As play experts, our teammates do this by physical engagement and conversation peppered with lots of questions and ongoing validation. Little ones thrive on this interaction—coupled with the permission to be silly. At Kids Quest, children get to take the lead. The best part is that by doing so our guests are strengthening creativity, confidence and self-esteem, as well as developing enhanced verbal, physical and social skills.

The entire month of February we will be celebrating make believe and welcoming children into our Kingdom of Fun! Be sure to join us–we’ll be hard at play!