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News & Events

The New Normal

the new normal

With the reopening of our centers, we had to sit down and think about how best to serve our families and keep them safe. The ebb and flow of the Coronavirus have been a fluid situation for our host properties and our teams in the field, with most locations experiencing more rules to follow and best practices to be observed. To make it easier for you as parents, here’s a little update to review prior to visiting your favorite Kids Quest or Cyber Quest.

Masked Employees—Be prepared to see your favorite teammates wearing masks. Wearing masks will keep your kiddos safe and provide peace of mind for our parents. Best of all, in addition to sporting their favorite face coverings, our teams have become super-skilled in smiling with their eyes— or smile-eye-zing.

 Mask Up if Necessary—Mask guidelines differ from state to state, so be sure to visit our website and find the location you will be visiting to get the policy that applies there. Masks may be available for purchase at some locations, but it’s best to pack a few extras just to be sure.

 Temperature Scans—All employees and guests are asked to get their faces scanned for a quick temperature check prior to entry. To make it easy and fun, we found this very cool technology that basically takes a selfie of your smiling face and reads your body temperature. Other centers use a simple temporal scanner to get the job done. Either way, these methods are way more fun than putting a glass thermometer in your mouth.

Handwashing—Let’s do it early and often. We are making certain our little guests are washing their hands before engaging in play at the center. Handwashing has always been a part of our practice at Kids Quest, but it’s more important than ever now. Our teammates will be showing children where to lather up and then making sure they wash before visiting the café, or after a bathroom stop.

50% Capacity—Like many other businesses who have reopened, we are limiting our capacity to make social distancing easier. This also allows us to assign a few of our staff to clean more frequently and to make sure we follow CDC guidelines.

Tiny Tot Reservations—Because we are regulating capacity, we have made it easier to plan your visit with an infant. Tiny Tot rooms are smaller, private, and staffed differently, (1:4 caregiver ratio) so they can fill up fast. To make planning your visit worry-free, you can now reserve a 2-hour time slot. Visit our website and choose your location to reserve your spot or call the center to get the process started.

Social Distancing—We’re not going to lie, it’s tough to get kids to understand this one—but over time our little guests seem to have figured it out. In fact, some of them remind us when we get too close! Games are organized in the gym to include a limited number of children—as are other activities like karaoke, video games, and crafts, etc.

Frequent Cleaning and Disinfection—We’ve been cleaning all along, but with the onset of COVID-19, we have included health-conscious duties for our staff members. We have frequent rotations of cleaning to ensure that our play floor is ready for guests and that our café and restrooms are spotless. On occasion, this may cause some areas to be closed for cleaning.

Kids Quest | 08.31.2020 at 10:40am
Thanks for your feedback and supporting our goals to ensure everyone has a safe play experience. You'll be happy to learn that we are in the process of turning on more games. Be sure to check with your local CQ arcade for more information.
| 08.22.2020 at 1:54pm
Turning off one side of space invaders is a joke should be able to keep both on for when a player wants to play both sides then turn off after the fact
| 08.12.2020 at 2:43pm
Trying to get Sophie Giampalo back there, hope to see you soon