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The Ultimate Superpower

The Ultimate Superpower, Raising Confident Kids with Healthy Self-Esteem

Many parents are under the impression that being an advocate and ever-present cheerleader for their children is the foundation for self-esteem and confidence. But that is only partly true. Successful parenting is knowing when to apply that boost, and when to let kids work through the difficulties they will face as they grow into young adults.

To use a simple analogy—by shining too bright a light on your children early and often you may be creating a personality who will be unable to navigate shadow. And there will be shadows. While no one enjoys seeing their child struggle, fail, or be bested by another, it’s a reality that must be experienced to successfully nurture a healthy, well-balanced individual. Below are a few tips to help you make great parenting decisions that result in a great kid!

  1. Allow kids to take acceptable risks, make their own choices, solve their own problems, and insist they finish what they start.
  2. Confidence comes from decision making, doing, trying, failing, practicing, improving, and eventually experiencing genuine accomplishment. The accomplishment they feel will quickly manifest itself in a strong work ethic and an appreciation for the value of hard work and dedication.
  3. Avoid your instinct to rescue your child from failure. This is a tough one because you will want to protect your child from struggling and being hurt. But the fact of the matter is, many of life’s most important lessons come from experiencing failure and/or disappointment.
  4. Give your child responsibilities and monitor them to be certain they are following through. Making a list and then checking off accomplished tasks is a heathy was to stay organized and feel empowerment.
  5. Apply indirect praise. Stars on a chart are an easy way to acknowledge follow-through on a quiet scale. In addition, let your kids “overhear” you boasting about them. It will feel like a stolen moment when they will truly feel that your feedback and assessment is genuine.
  6. Be sure that your child knows and understands the difference between feeling special and feeling better than others. Coach humility along with acknowledging personal success.

Being a parent is never easy, but hopefully a few of these ideas will resonate with you, and you can apply them as needed as you navigate life with your children. For more information follow us on Facebook where we are known to post fun stuff, along with other pertinent parenting advice.