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Top 10 Fun Travel Car Games for Kids

Top 10 Travel Games

Spring is in the air and with it comes a season of family travel. If you’re planning on loading up the car with your kids and hitting the road (or boarding a plane) here are a few great games to make the time fly. Have fun along the way and come up with awesome things to do as a family while you make the trek to your destination!

Grocery List Memory Game—One person begins the game by naming one item they have on their list. The next player repeats that item, and then adds one of their own. Each person is challenged to remember all items on the list. This continues until someone forgets an item—when they do they are out.

Spelling Bee—Challenge the kids with simple words first and then increase the difficulty until a winner takes it all!

Make, Model, Color-– The first player throws out the make, model, and color of a vehicle to spot on the road. For example, a white Ford Escape, or a red Chevy Tahoe.  This is a game the older kids will embrace, but it can be simplified for younger children. i.e., a red van or a blue truck. Provide a prize as an incentive for the player who spots the most, like a keychain or backpack charm. Letting the winner pick out the prize at the vacation destination can become a fun souvenir too!

I Spy—This is a classic. “I spy with my little eye, a…” Players must ask questions for clues as to what is being “spied.” When someone makes the correct guess, it’s their turn to spy an object.

The Color Game Challenge—This one is simple. Start with the phrase, “Everyone looks up and down, something red (insert any color) will soon be found!” Ask the kids to each find something in the car, or in their line of sight that is the challenge color.

Slug Bug Light—Remember “Slug Bug?” Well, rather than encouraging bruises—just ask the kids to record a Volkswagen vehicle sighting with a tap.

Car Travel Games for Kids

Unfortunately, Fortunately–One person begins by making a statement, like “Unfortunately, I ran out of Skittles today on this road trip. The next person must pick it up with a “fortunately” follow-up, such as, “Fortunately, we can stop at the next exit and get more, and you can buy me some of my favorite snacks then too.”  The round is complete after the two sentences are linked, then you begin again with a new phrase.

License Plate Bingo—Print out a set of regional license plate bingo cards and ask the older kids to record a license plate from each state license plate they see on the road.

Who am I?–Each person chooses a “person to be” for the game. The first player begins with a statement of fact about “who” they are. People keep asking questions and making guesses until someone figures out who the mystery person is.

Team Storytelling—One player begins the story and then drops it off for the next player to continue the tale. Things get silly and even dramatic as the storyline builds.

Download these cool bingo cards to keep everyone entertained as you trek cross-country—or across town!

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