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2020 Backyard Bash!

backyard bash

Because we’ve all been adapting our lives during quarantine, we decided to adapt the way we deliver Kids Quest fun to you. Here are some cool ideas to make staying at home not only survivable but a blast–and all in the comfort of your own backyard!

Water Balloon Pinatas

Start by filling water balloons, attach a string to each, and suspend them from a tree branch in the backyard. Blindfold the kids and let them take a swing at them with a stick or dowel rod. When the balloons break the kiddos will get a shower…cool.

Create a Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Give each player a list of things to find in the backyard. The list can include things like a ladybug, a butterfly, a four-leaf clover, a dandelion, a heart-shaped rock etc. Grab some dollar store prizes for completed lists.

Bare Foot Dance Party

Bring the music outside with blue tooth speakers and a phone app. Award prizes for best solo dancers, – group dances, silliest or most creative dances. Plus, you can also have a cool lip-sync competition while you’re at it! After the kiddos go to bed, grown-ups can use the music for a chill party too.

Spin Art

Buy a “Lazy Susan” plastic storage tray that spins. (big box stores sell them for between $5-$10) Cover it with plastic. Tape an 8×10 inch piece of tag board to the surface of the lazy Susan. Dilute inexpensive, craft store acrylic paint and pour it into squeeze bottles—these items are available at craft stores, and most provide curbside delivery. Have one child give the lazy Susan a spin while another squirts paint onto the spinning paper—and repeat using more colors. Dry thoroughly in the sunshine.

Reverse Tie Dye Shirts

This is a cool project that takes very little time and makes little mess. Begin by picking out a solid color t-shirt to dye—darker, more intense colors work best. Online craft stores like Michael’s will let you choose tees, purchase, and deliver them curbside. You’ll also need plastic buckets, rubber bands, plastic gloves, bleach, and a hose to help you rinse the bleach from the t-shirts. Have the kids grab and twist the t-shirts and bind them with the rubber bands. Put on the gloves, and carefully pour the bleach over the entire t-shirt. Wait a few minutes and then carefully remove the rubber bands and rinse the bleach from the t-shirt. Handwashing afterward is optional but recommended before wearing.

Squeeze Fresh Lemonade

Have the kiddos whip up a pitcher of old-fashioned refreshment. Start with 6-8 lemons—the heavier the better—heavy lemons have lots of juice! Cut the lemons in half and let the kids take turns grinding them over an old-school juicer. Grownups, you need to combine 1 ½ cups sugar and 2 cups water in a sauce and simmer until the sugar is completely dissolved and let that mixture cool. Pour your lemon juice and sugar water into a pitcher and fill with water, stir and chill. Add frozen strawberries or blueberries for a pop of color and flavor.

Solo Cup Stack-Off

Clear off a picnic table and have a cup-stacking competition. Time each entrant for the fastest tower or have them square off against each other. Bonus fun for toddler brothers or sisters who love to knock the towers or pyramids down.

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