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News & Events

When Guests are Family!

Guest blogger Christy Popma has been with Cyber Quest for 15 years, serving first as a teammate at Soaring Eagle in Mount Pleasant, and then as the Arcade Manager at our Four Winds location. Christy has since risen to the level of Executive Director and most recently joined our corporate office team as an Operations Analyst. We asked her to write about one big difference between Cyber Quest and other arcades. Her answer was immediate—the relationships created with Cyber Quest guests!

Here at CQ, we don’t like to think of our guests as just strangers passing through the doors. We strive to get to know as many of you as we can. There’s nothing better than watching faces light up when we greet people by name as they come in the door or to have the parents of our older guests stop in and tell us that their teens are excelling in their extracurricular activities or have been accepted into their college of choice. Our staff looks forward to these interactions. Over the years we have been privy to engagements, new additions to families, career changes, moving announcements, and other life changes. In addition, we enjoy visits from members of the military who have gone off to serve our country and share in the pride their families feel when they successfully complete their service or rise in rank. The goal we have set for our teammates is not only to bring people back in for play—but to see generations enjoy their time at Cyber Quest. Building that family of guests is really my favorite part of my position.

As the holidays approach, if we haven’t officially made your acquaintance yet, please introduce yourselves! After you’ve had fun playing our wide variety of games, pull up a spot at the counter and tell us your story. We look forward to welcoming you into our Cyber Quest family!