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25 Tips for a Merry and Meaningful Holiday

“Happy Holidays!” It’s a greeting we all know and express December-January. But what does it mean to be happy and what does it take to accomplish it? The holiday season can be magical, yet occasionally melancholy with a touch of stress. To keep your season merry and meaningful, we will be sharing a tip a day on social media to keep you inspired and to fill your hearts throughout the coming weeks.

  • Acknowledge what you have vs. what you don’t. Counting your blessings is among the most effective ways to keep a smile on your face.
  • Start a family gratitude journal to help you accomplish tip number one.
  • Take a moment to call (not text) an old friend you haven’t spoken to in ages, just to say hello.
  • If you live in a climate with winter snow, get out and build a snowman, make snow angels, build a snow fort or have a snowball fight! Embrace the cold then chase it with hot chocolate.
  • So—if you’ve done number four, why not anonymously shovel your neighbor’s walk?
  • Make coupons for hugs, kisses or a promise of providing help to someone with a daunting task.
  • Give a complete and total stranger a compliment.
  • Invite a single, divorced or an elderly friend without a spouse to a dinner who often eats alone.
  • Buy coffee for the person in line behind you in the drive-through.
  • Slip a note of encouragement into a lunch bag, back pack, or spouse’s work tote or briefcase.
  • Offer to host a playdate for a frantic friend with a crazy schedule.
  • Sit down and read a book to your children—bedtime can get hectic and this is an activity that often gets scratched.
  • Surprise your family with dinner delivered from a favorite restaurant.
  • Send a card in a stamped envelope via US mail to a friend or family member to say, “I love you!”
  • Write a note that lists your favorite things about a co-worker and leave it on their desk.
  • Do you have a pet-obsessed family member or friend? Buy a box of treats or a toy for their fur baby.
  • Take the kids to the dollar store and give them each $5.00 to spend on ANYTHING they chose.
  • Grab the ingredients and make up a batch of slime with the kids—check Pinterest for recipes.
  • Host a holiday movie or TV special marathon—simply follow our tutorial from last month.
  • Volunteer to make a meal at a local homeless shelter or crisis nursery.
  • Grab a group of your kids’ friends and go holiday songs at a nursing home.
  • Adopt a family in need anonymously and fulfill their holiday gift wishes.
  • Buy a bag of pet food and place in the pet store donations bin for homeless animals.
  • Cook up some meals like lasagna or a casserole that can be frozen for a family with an ill parent.
  • Sit down and talk to your child or children. Sometimes we get so busy and so overwhelmed with work and family schedules that we forget the power of a quality conversation. Make your child the focus of the exchange—ask questions and listen carefully.

I’m sure you saw the pattern here. The list requires a lot of doing and giving. Doing for others and giving of yourself delivers a very special satisfaction—and always a smile.

Until next month,