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News & Events

Game Day Challenge at Cyber Quest

Game Day Challenge at Cyber Quest

Are You Up for the Challenge? All monthlong Cyber Quest will be hosting a Game Day Challenge for guests to play. Each day will feature a specific game and a minimum score for players to beat. Guests who reach or exceed the score to beat will win a FREE SPIN on the Prize Wheel! Registered Club Cardholders will receive DOUBLE the prize shown on the Prize Wheel.


Beat the base score to receive a FREE SPIN on the Prize Wheel*.
*Fully registered Hall of Fame members will receive double the prize shown on the Prize Wheel.

The game and minimum score to beat are set by the Cyber Quest team and are measured against a single play of the chosen game. Guests may play the chosen game as many times as they wish to beat the minimum score. The guest is responsible for the cost to play the game. Guest can only be rewarded once per day.


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| 01.12.2022 at 5:23pm