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Spruce Up Your Space

Spruce Up Your Space

Spruce up Your Space

For me, decorating is a labor of love. Finding the perfect color, the right furniture, and some awesome accessories has been a passion since I was a little girl, but for some it can bring on high anxiety and indecision. January is traditionally a month when we like to dust off the old and embrace a fresh start—so why not apply that energy to your home? We’re going to share a few ideas and resources that will make the process more fun and maybe even affordable.

Create a Budget. Decide how much time and money you want to invest in the new décor. If you go into it with a plan, it will keep you from making impulsive decisions. Personally, I find tighter budgets inspire more creative solutions. If you’re good with DIY, you will be able to do more and spend less. If you’re not so confident about taking on a project—it’s usually cheaper in the long run to hire an expert. Network with family and friends—they may know someone who would help you out for less compensation.

Choose a Palette. I usually use one important part of the room as inspiration for a color scheme—most often it’s a rug, bedding, or furniture upholstery. That object can then become your starting point and can help you decide wall color and accessories, such as pillows, artwork, or other unique décor items.

Measure Before Shopping. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to head out the door or jump online without understanding the space you’re planning to decorate. That cool mirror you bought is useless if it doesn’t fit the wall space you have open. Have you ever heard of someone who ordered a sofa and had to return it (or sell it) because it didn’t fit in the door—let along in the room? Yup. I thought so. It happens.

Test a Paint Color Before Committing to It. I used to hoard small samples of paint chips from the home improvement store, tape them together, and then attach them on a wall to see how the color might work in a room. (Thank goodness those days are over) Now you can get 12”x12” pieces of peel and stick paint colors to test on a wall. My real go-to for testing is an 8-oz. sample of paint mixed in the finish of your choice to simply paint on the wall to get a feel for the color you have chosen. If you love it—go mix it up in gallons—but not BEFORE testing it first.

Get Thrifty. I am a big fan of Facebook Marketplace, garage sales, and thrift stores. You can discover some unique finds for unbelievable prices if you’re open to shopping this way. Patience is a vital part of being successful with this approach. You’re going to get lucky some days and then have not-so-successful excursions when you go this route—but saving money on some lamps or a coffee table might open up more money to spend on a rug or a sofa. Another thing to keep in mind—secondhand stores are a “snooze or you lose” situation. If you see it, you like it, and it fits the room, you often don’t have the luxury to mull it over or drag your feet. When thrifting or “junking” you have to make your move or suffer if someone else snaps up your treasure.

National Retailers Aren’t All Bad. If thrifting isn’t your thing, national chains like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, and At Home are often the source for very cool things at reasonable process. In fact, I usually use a mix of items from these discount stores and my thrift finds to create a unique feel to my rooms.

Don’t Forget Who You Are. Trends are fun to follow, but when investing in pieces for your space make sure that they reflect who you are. Reserve room for photos and mementos that are special to you. You don’t want your space to look like a showroom in a store—devoid of any personal touches. Including collections of your own to guarantee a unique and personal feel to your room. One of my very favorite ways to accomplish this is to frame a few pieces of children’s art.