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Gifts for Gamers

Gifts for Gamers

Personalize it with Pop Culture

No one loves pop culture as much as a gamer. Explore websites like Zazzle.com for quirky gifts that celebrate a favorite character or phrase that is a favorite. Most items are under $20 and offer a variety of fun options for purchase—t-shirts, hoodies, coasters, keychains, clocks, phone cases, pillows, wallets, fleece blankets, etc. In addition, many items can also be personalized for an extra touch of cool.

Gift Cards are Great

Looking for an effective, yet easy way out of shopping? Go to BestBuy.com, Amazon.com or the online Microsoft Store and order a gift card. I know, I know, it seems like a cop-out, but I have never heard of someone being disappointed about being in complete control of their gift and getting exactly what they want or need. Gamers, in particular, have items they need or want that require a little inside information, so make it easy on yourself and let them choose their own gifts.

A Deluxe Gaming Chair

For gamers, being comfy when playing makes a big difference. I mean, whoever crushed it at Fortnight while shifting around in a bad chair? We did a little research and found the Gtracing Computer Game Chair. For just $129.99 your favorite gamer can settle in and play for hours. Best of all, it comes in 4 color combinations to suit any taste.

Storage for Game Disk Collections

We think this much storage and features is a real deal at $22.99. This storage stand can hold PS4pro, PS4, PS4Slim, and X-ONE S. The PS4 tower also holds Play Station 4 and Blu-Ray films and PS4 games. The game stand also lights up to signal charging. It features two Micro USB adaptors for official PlayStation 4 controllers and allows you to charge two PS4 controllers at the same time. At this price, you could wrap up more than one and keep game clutter to a minimum.

A Cyber Quest Club Card

You didn’t think we would miss a chance to tell you about this one, do you? Cyber Quest Club Cards are cool because they can be purchased for any amount, registered for special offers and loyalty benefits, and reloaded for fun. Visit your favorite CQ, grab a card and make the holiday merrier for your favorite gamers on your list.