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Hacks for the Holidays #9

holiday hack 9

Snuggle Up!

This one is a terrific way to create a very personal gift for a family member or friend.  I have seen this trick done with sports team t-shirts, game jerseys, and even with a worn (yet well-loved) article of clothing associated with memories that mean something very special for the recipient.

Hack #9 is making pillow covers from cozy sweaters or other clothing items. We made our sample with a thrift store sweater–but you can also use a piece of clothing you have at lying around at home.  As a rule, the fabric should have a nice weight to it for easy and sturdy assembly. It’s simple—you don’t even have to sew them—it’s sometimes possible to just tie them on a pillow form easily found at fabric and craft stores. We used hot melt to put it together before adding decorative stitching, but you can also use Velcro tabs, or heat set adhesive tape.

You Will Need

A sweater, sweatshirt, t-short or team jersey, etc.

  • Pillow form
  • Pins
  • Large Buttons
  • Yarn
  • Darning needle
  • Fabric glue
  • Marker or chalk