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25 Healthy Swaps for Healthy Families!

Ah, January—time to plan for the year ahead! Adopting a healthier lifestyle is among the goals of many families. This is especially true if you’ve been indulging in holiday foods and beverages. If you’re one of those looking to make a fresh start, we have a list of healthy swaps you can make to create nutrious food for your kiddos. One way to quickly impact sugar, salt and fat intake is to make substitutions—swapping in a heathier option for an existing choice.

Here are some great switcheroos that are easy and delicious:

  • Swap in Greek yogurt for sour cream
  • Swap zucchini “Zoodles” in for pasta noodles
  • Swap in raw or natural honey, applesauce or agave for sugar
  • Swap in apple sauce, ripe pureed bananas, avocado or nut butters in for Oil/Butter
  • Swap in whole wheat, coconut, for white flour
  • Swap in evaporated skim milk for heavy cream
  • Swap in iceberg lettuce leaves for wraps
  • Swap in almond milk for dairy milk
  • Swap in rolled oats for breadcrumbs
  • Swap in kale chips for potato chips
  • Swap in cauliflower or broccoli tots for tator tots
  • Swap in riced cauliflower for steamed rice
  • Swap in ground turkey for grounded beef
  • Swap in olive oil for butter or cooking oil
  • Swap in fresh or frozen fruit for canned fruits

Remember to bake, grill, roast and steam instead of frying foods—that will cut down a lot on the calories and bad fats. If you would like to learn healthy swaps more on how to apply these changes, visit https://greatist.com/health/83-healthy-recipe-substitutions.

As a parting gift, here is a wonderful recipe from Jessica Seinfeld’s “Deceptively Delicious.”  The cook book series provides a few ideas on how to sneak fruits and veggies into meals and treats that will not only be tasty—but good for your family! Get ready for the ultimate swap—classic brownies vs. Healthy brownies.

There! I just saved you 240 calories per brownie! You’re welcome!

Happy New Year!

Until next month,