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News & Events

Cyber Quest — Crazy Fun

When Cyber Quest Founder, Sue Dunkley explained her idea for an arcade void of violent game content to an arcade supplier, the reaction she received was blunt, “Are you crazy? That will never work.” Never one to shy away from a challenge, Sue Dunkley moved forward with her dream and opened the first Cyber Quest arcade at Mohegan Sun in 1996.  That was 16 arcades and 22 years ago, with more locations on the horizon.

As the company has grown, we have experienced many changes—but the one constant is and will always be the careful selection of games to avoid violent content and objectives. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry noted in an article published in June of 2015, that the rise of violence in video games impacts our children in the following ways:

  • De-sensitization to violent actions and outcomes
  • Lack of understanding finality and consequences
  • Lack of respect for the law or rules
  • Lack of interest in kind and positive social interaction
  • Enforcement of racial stereotyping
  • Increased exposure to foul language resulting in the use of profanity
  • Exposure to drugs and alcohol use leading to experimentation

While video game violence does not guarantee problems, we know that by keeping our games family-friendly and fun, we can support parents who want to prevent these potential effects from harming their children.

Cyber Quest? Crazy? Yes, crazy fun!