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News & Events

New Games, New Challenges

New Games, New Challenges

At Cyber Quest we like to challenge our players by keeping our game selection fresh. By adding new games with advanced technology, we offer the very best in arcade fun. Here are a few of the newest additions you may find at a Cyber Quest near you.

Connect 4 Hoops

*Connect 4 Hoops:

One or two players shoot baskets and watch as 7-inch basketballs fall into place on an HD grid display. The first player to align 4 balls horizontally, vertically, or diagonally on the augmented reality playfield wins!

NFLPA Super Stars

*NFLPA Super Stars Coin Credit

Get in the game and take control of the football-shaped magnetic claw mechanism by using the joystick. Your goal is to pick up as many coins as possible, then to move those over to the pusher platform to try and win. You can win one of two possible prizes – tickets or a souvenir coin that features one of sixty different current NFL players! Every team within the NFL is represented, and with so many available, collectors can’t help but to replay the machine in the quest to score all 60!

SpongeBob Soccer Stars

*SpongeBob Soccer Stars

The way to play is simple – after swiping the machine, small soccer balls will roll down a ramp inside of the cabinet. The player then takes control of a lever that has a soccer ball attached to the end. This directs the movement of the SpongeBob soccer player inside of the game. The challenge is to time it just right to kick the ball towards the goal where a moving Squidward Tentacles character keeps guard. Make as many shots as you can within the time limit and win tickets!

*Game offerings vary by arcade. Be sure to contact your favorite Cyber Quest location to see if these games are available for play.