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What’s Rockin’ in Redemption

What's Rockin' in Redemption

Rogue Gnomes Take Over Cyber Quest!

We just got this report in from assistant arcade manager and redemption specialist, Alec, at Cyber Quest at Mohegan Sun. Apparently, there was an escape from a toy shipment and the arcade is currently being held hostage by a gang of gnomes. “These little guys escaped the storage room and have been infiltrating the arcade and trying out the games…I fear I may go insane. I know they are just stuffed toys, but they are my gnomies, and we go way back–like maybe, 10-30-40 years back, if you catch my drift.” With little left to do, the superheroes Funkos and Buzz Lightyear have begun an assault on the rogue plush, pushing them from the arcade games sector and onto the fence where they may find a good home, and perhaps be reformed in some way.


Alec’s last words were, “Guys, I’m off to catch these gnomes who continue to take over the games. I think I saw them hiding out by Whack ‘n Win, so I will send the troops there next. Don’t worry about us though, our center is being watched by a lineup of true heroes! Although they might be filled with air, I’m sure they will get the job done providing additional security. They’ll be great at keeping an eye on everything when I’m busy. They’re pros at staring contests. In fact, it blows my mind how long they can go without blinking! Gnomes and other insurgents…they’re watching you.”