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News & Events

Planting Seeds for Grown Up Dreams

Planting Seeds for Grown Up Dreams

When you glance at the play floor at Kids Quest you likely see interest areas filled with games, crafts, movies, science activities, books, costumes, and dramatic play—as well as a stage for performance and a gym or play structure to provide physical challenges. But what we see are experiences that could provide foundations for when it comes time for your children to think about the future. Play is often the catalyst for building confidence and fine-tuning interests to apply to a career path in the future.

Karaoke Star Stage–Performer

This area of the center appeals to little entertainers. Dressing up and taking the stage and microphone could very well reflect a child’s interest in performing arts—be it a song, dance, or acting. Playing in this area is great for building self-confidence as well. Maybe your child won’t grow up to be a pop star or actor—but they will have the confidence to go after what they want, which is always a plus.

Construction Quarry–Architect, Engineer, or Contractor

Many children really enjoy building with blocks and assembling/disassembling things. Believe it or not, this may be the start of a career in architecture, engineering, or construction. The drive to create or take part in problem-solving feeds both sides of the brain and could likely be an indication that a child may excel in these types of careers.

Apt Q. and Costume Play–Modeling for Adult Life

So much of what a child learns is through observation—monkey-see, monkey-do is an important part of development. Dramatic Play allows a child the chance to literally (and figuratively) try on an identity. Will the child who chooses to wear the fireman costume or doctor’s scrubs be on their way to the firehouse or the ER as an adult? No one can tell for sure but providing children those opportunities is an important part of their development.

Creation Station Arts and Crafts–Artist or Designer

Creative activities are often a favorite for most kids, but there are always a few that really embrace art and make it a favorite must-do when they visit our centers. I was one of those kids—I always asked Santa for art supplies over toys, took art lessons, and embraced every opportunity I had to draw, paint, or sculpt. I was able to parlay that passion into a career as a toy designer, interior designer and illustrator, and art director. These days words are my medium, but I still do commissioned artwork. My point? I started young and I had lots of encouragement from parents to peers and most importantly teachers.

Gym Games-Sports Zone–Athlete, Trainer, or Coach

Some kids really love to have their body in motion—they play hard–and many have a competitive attitude to match. These kids can learn the value of teamwork and develop leadership traits that will serve them well as adults. The percentage of people who go on to become college or professional athletes is around 2%, but athletic skills can also be applied to the fitness industry and to coaching.


Arcade and Video Games, Virtual Reality, iPad–Surgeon, Pilot, Military, First Responders

When your child is sitting on the couch with a game controller in their hand you may want to sigh. Not to worry though, studies suggest that kids with video game skills learn to think quickly and strategize as well as develop outstanding eye-hand coordination that can be applied to a number of professionsmost notably surgeons. If you don’t believe me, click here for a story about it. (Add link) https://www.cbsnews.com/news/video-gamers-make-good-surgeons/

The Lab/Science Activities-Research Scientist, Engineer, Doctor, Nurse, Health Professional

Kids that gravitate to science enjoy the “why” behind natural phenomena, the silly experiments, and other science-centric activities at our centers. The simple act of making slime (always a favorite) teaches our guests about chemical reactions, just as it does with Mentos and soda geysers.  Cause and effect are a central part of science and discovery, just as learning the “answer” inspires more curiosity.

Learning through play is not a new concept—but it is one that we definitely support at Kids Quest. When you check your kids in for play, remember that every moment they are with us is an opportunity to grow.